1. Role of the Hall of Fame

The role of the Hall of Fame is to recognise and enshrine players, coaches, umpires, administrators and media representatives who have made a most significant contribution to the game of Australian Football in Western Australia since its inception in 1885.

2. Selection Criteria for Induction into The WA Football Hall of Fame

  1. Hall of Fame selection should be based heavily on excellence and outstanding impact as opposed to long and loyal service to the game. For players, brilliance and outstanding impact is most likely evidenced by regular state representation, by All Australian selection and/or by the gaining of individual awards. For non players, a major landmark achievement or a visionary approach which had a significant or lasting impact on the game should preferably be evident
  2. The Committee shall consider the overall contribution to the game of Australian Football as well as outstanding achievement in any one specific field of endeavour in determining a candidate’s eligibility for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  3. Without limiting clause 2 the Committee shall consider the integrity, sportsmanship and character of a candidate in addition to the ability and individual record achieved. The Secretary shall record and outline the justification of the Committee in recommending to the Commission the approval of all candidates selected for Hall of Fame induction.
  4. The longevity of service and the specific number of football games played, coached or umpired shall not be of prime consideration in assessing a candidate’s eligibility for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  5. A player, coach, umpire, administrator or media representative involved at any level of Australian Football may be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  6. The Committee shall consider candidates from all parts of Western Australia and from all Australian Football competitions within Western Australia.
  7. A player may only be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame if that player has retired from playing Australian Football for a minimum period of three years.
  8. Coaches, umpires, administrators and media representatives may only be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame upon retirement ie they should no longer be active in their field of football endeavour.
  9. A member of the Committee may be a candidate but shall not vote when the nomination is under consideration.
  10. There shall be no special order of precedence given to Hall of Fame inductees.

3. Selection Process

  1. The Committee may select up to six (6) inductees in any given year provided that:
    a) In each induction year there is at least one player who has retired within fifteen (15) years of each Hall of Fame induction ceremony and
    b) There must be at least one (1) inductee selected from the category of administrator, umpire or media at least every two (2) years for the next 10 years (until the 2020 selection process). The selection process should ensure an even spread of representatives from these 3 categories over time.
  2. Selections of the Committee shall be presented to the WA Football Commission for endorsement as soon as practicable after the Selection meeting and include supporting comment on all candidates
  3. The WA Football Commission shall endorse and enshrine the selections of the Committee unless in its discretion it requests the Committee to reconsider a selection
  4. If the Committees selections remain unchanged after reconsideration, the Commission shall then endorse and enshrine the selections
  5. To assist in the selection of inductees the Committee:-
    (a) Shall seek nominees from WAFL Clubs, West Australian AFL Clubs, the Umpires Association and various football competitions in Western Australia and the Media Guild;
    (b)May receive submissions from the WAFL and from Australian Football supporters and other members of the public.
  6. Nomination shall be made in a form to be prescribed by the Committee and shall be accompanied by such other information as may be prescribed from time to time by the Committee.
  7. The Secretary shall prepare and provide to each Committee member a list of eligible candidates to assist the Committee in its selection of the yearly batch of inductees of the Hall of Fame. The list shall contain:-
    (a) Candidates chosen individually by each member of the Committee;
    (b) Nominations received from WAFL League Clubs, West Australian AFL Clubs, Umpires Association, Media Guild and other Football competitions in Western Australia;
    (c) Each eligible candidate’s respective service records to Australian Football;

4. Legends

  1. There shall be a special category of inductees of the Hall of Fame known as Legends. Only players and coaches shall be eligible for Legend status.
  2. The classification of Legend will be applied to honour those West Australian players and coaches who have had the most significant positive impact on Australian football. Legends should be players and coaches who immediately come to mind when football players and coaches at the very pinnacle are discussed.
  3. The classification of Legend cannot be bestowed on more than 10% of the inductees in the Hall of Fame.